Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis


$199.95 $77.00

“Now Even The Thoughts Of Other People Can Be Orchestrated To Meet Your Every Desire With Nothing More Than Mere Words!”

“This Intoxicating Potion Of Persuasion Can Be Used At Any Given Moment To Entrance the Likes Of Anyone Into Giving You Exactly What You Want!”

“Discover How And Why Some People Have Their Every Wish Granted By Doing Nothing But Speaking…While Others Work Themselves To The Bone Only To Wind Up Broke, Unhappy And Lonely.

The time has come to unlock the natural ability within you to:

  • Master the art of negotiation
  • Have those you desire chasing after you
  • Land your dream job
  • Have a name synonymous with respect
  • Banish the thought of rejection
  • Get your well-deserved raise
  • Never be taken advantage of again

Get anyone to do just about anything you want them to do; when you want them to do it.

And much more…

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